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Everything you need to know about smart locks

by | Oct 1, 2021 | Locksmith Services

The invention of the increasingly popular smart door lock may soon see the standard key and lock phased away. You may now enter your home with only a push of a button, a swipe of a card, or even your smartphone!

Choosing the best smart door locks on the market will help you safeguard your home, protect your possessions, and make your security more intelligent, prompt, and simple.

What are smart locks

A smart door lock is an electrical or mechanical lock that can open wirelessly with a user’s permission. Most smart door locks eliminate the need for a traditional key, instead allowing users to get access via their smartphone or a key fob.

Smart lock types

Keypads, biometrics, and Bluetooth are the most prevalent methods of entry.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

RFID locks, like those seen in hotels, allow admission with the use of a key fob or key card.

Locks with Bluetooth

Some Bluetooth-enabled locks will recognise your Smartphone’s Bluetooth ID and open as you approach.

Touch Screens and Keypads

Early smart door locks relied on keypads for entrance, requiring the user to create a unique pin code. For a sleeker look and increased security, newer smart locks have replaced keypads with touch displays with panels instead of buttons.

Biometric entry

Fingerprint identification is used to control biometric entry smart door locks. This is currently supported by the majority of modern Smartphones.

Are they really the better ones?

The main advantages of smart door locks are that they may be configured and are potentially more secure than standard key and lock systems. Digital locks can be altered at any time; if you suspect that someone has obtained your home’s code or stolen a key fob, you can disconnect, reprogram, or wipe any potential security concern in a matter of minutes. Similarly, if you want to offer someone temporary access to your home, you may do so while maintaining complete control over who comes in and out.

Nothing, however, is without defects. When it comes to an expert hacker, smart door locks aren’t much better. Most smart locks, in fact, contain at least one vulnerability that allows them to be hacked.

Are all smart locks keyless?

Smart door locks will be available in a variety of types, each with its own set of functions. In the event of a malfunction or emergency, many of these computerised locks provide a manual key override. Some models, on the other hand, have fully committed to being keyless and do not have a keyway.

Things to consider when buying

How smart is it – Different smart lock models will have different features, all aimed at making your life easier. Consider what features you want in a smart lock before purchasing one. For example, you can acquire devices that detect when you are approaching the door and immediately unlock it for you.

Replace or upgrade – Some versions need you to replace your door’s mechanism entirely, while others may be retrofitted over your existing lock. Retrofitting models can frequently be installed without expert assistance and in as little as a few minutes, but ones that need replacing your old lock will almost certainly require professional installation.

Smart home integration – For a truly immersive smart experience, the ideal smart lock would be readily integrated with other smart home devices such as Alexa, Google Assistant, or Homekit. You should think about what smart objects you already have and how you’d like them to connect, depending on the model, manufacture, and brand of smart lock you choose.

Alternative entry – If the keyless technology fails, some smart door locks will have a manual key override built in, while others may have numerous modes of access, such as keypads, key fobs, or a fingerprint system. Having numerous ways of entry ensures that even if one form of access fails, you will still be able to open your door. Consider what options you’ll have if your smart lock fails, as well as the varied types of access each model provides.

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