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Frequently Asked Questions On Mailbox Locks

by | Feb 12, 2023 | Locksmith Services

You’ve got a problem and a burning question on your mind. “I misplaced my mailbox key.” “How can I get it open?” The good news is that you have a lot of choices. You may be able to receive replacement keys quickly if your mailbox is part of a cluster of mailboxes, such as at an apartment or a postal service center. If that isn’t possible, you’ll either need a locksmith or wish to continue reading.

Are mailbox locks secure enough?

Locks for mailboxes range from little security to the appearance of security. A high-security lock is rarely necessary due to the insecurity of the mailbox itself. Most mailbox locks may be picked or forced open using basic destructive entry techniques by inexperienced lock pickers. In the majority of cases, the mailbox may be opened via prying attacks that bypass the lock entirely.

Are lock picks needed to open a locked mailbox?

There are various alternatives to lock picking when it comes to opening a mailbox. You’re looking for how to pick a mailbox lock if you want to open your mailbox without harming the lock or the box. If you don’t have access to basic lock-picking tools, keep in mind that improvised tools have a reduced success rate, especially for beginners.

Is lock picking possible if the lock is broken?

Generally no. If the lock is broken, we will have to drill it out and replace the broken lock with a functioning lock. 

Where can I get a new mailbox key?

If you’ve misplaced your mailbox key and need a replacement, your property manager may be able to help. If the mailbox belongs to the US Postal Service, you can get more information from your local post office. Replacing the lock is frequently the simplest solution in the case of personal mailboxes where no third party possesses a replacement key.

Are mailbox locks rekeyable?

Many mailbox locks are impossible to rekey. The typical practice in the event that you lose your mailbox key is to replace your mailbox lock. The device requires a simple disassembly and reassembly operation to rekey locks. A retention pin secures most mailbox lock cores, which cannot be removed without ripping the chamber cover.

How much does a locksmith charge to open a locked mailbox?

The cost of a lockout service starts at $40. You’ll need to change the lock unless your mailbox key is secured inside the mailbox. Lock changes are an extra charge that starts at $40. A mobile locksmith that comes to your area will nearly always charge a basic service fee ($20) for arrival and assessment, but you should expect to pay roughly $100.

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