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Hidden Floor Safes: All You Need To Know

by | Jan 6, 2022 | Locksmith Services, Safes

Tips For Buying A Hidden Home Safe

Because of the advantages and disadvantages of being below ground, hidden floor safes require certain special considerations. We’ll delve a little more into those distinctions while keeping the essay approachable for first-time safe buyers.

Below are some of the factors you need to consider for hidden floor safes.


The price of the safe and the cost of installation are the two most important costs to consider when purchasing a concealed floor safe. The safe’s price is largely determined by its size and metal content. Even within the category of “hidden floor safe,” there are various different types of security safes.

The more expensive a safe is, the larger it is and the thicker the steel it is made of. The cost of installing hidden floor safes will be determined by the job’s complexity. Installing in concrete rather than wood, for example, will necessitate additional tools and effort.

Lock Type

The speed with which your safe can be opened, the amount of lighting required, and the simplicity with which changes in physical access control can be made are all influenced by the locking mechanism. Because the safe’s placement will already make entry more difficult, these problems may be more pressing.

Electronic locks are preferred by many safe owners because they are quicker to open, the numbers illuminate, and changing the safe combination is much easier. Because of its dependability, manual dial locks are popular. Manual dials work without the need for electricity, albeit they are less handy.


When purchasing a home safe, you must consider the size in terms of storage capacity and suitable installation sites. A huge floor safe, for example, could wind positioned partially under furniture that would need to be relocated in order to open the safe.

You should think about how much free floor space you have. Then determine how shelving will reduce the available space by measuring the objects you want to store. You may choose the proper hidden floor safe after you know your desired measurements and available space.


The quality of your safe’s construction influence its level of security and, as a result, its practical worth. Half-inch steel for both the door and the safe body, held together with a continuous weld, is the best building trend among the leading safe firms.

Steel gauges are commonly used to distinguish between safes and lockboxes, with 12-gauge steel being the basic minimum. It is not a gun safe if the security device uses anything heavier than 13-gauge steel. And anything that has been spot-welded should not be referred to as a safe.


It all comes down to positioning and craftsmanship when it comes to quality installation. Even if you’re utilizing a hidden floor safe, which is one of the greatest places to put one, the location can compromise security and usefulness.

Everything that impacts how secure your safe is in the compartment and how easily the safe can be disguised is included in the construction of your safe compartment. You don’t want a squeaky safe cover or an uneven or distinguishing floor above the hidden floor safe.

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