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Keep your car extra safe with these security tips

by | Sep 20, 2021 | Locksmith Services

Your car is necessary for a variety of tasks, including travelling to work, feeding the family, and socialising with friends. That is why it is critical that you look after it. Of course, you should always lock your car to keep it safe from theft and damage, but there is a lot more you can do to keep it safe. Here are some suggestions for keeping it safe.

Car Alarms

Car alarms, believe it or not, have a purpose other than waking up the whole neighbourhood at 4 a.m. for no apparent reason. They’re an effective deterrent to auto theft and vandalism, and they’re available pre-installed on most modern vehicles. If you have an older vehicle, a professional can install an alarm to help secure its security. Your insurance company may even give you a discount if you install a car alarm.


A car immobiliser is an electronic device installed in your vehicle that stops it from being started without the correct chip key. It makes it more difficult to use duplicate keys or hot wiring to get into and start your vehicle. Car immobilisers are standard on many new automobiles, however like car alarms, having one installed on an older vehicle may result in lower insurance premiums.

Car Tracking

Car trackers, the scourge of car thieves worldwide, are simply a transmitter installed in your vehicle that transmits its GPS or VHF location. Your car will be able to be located anywhere on the street using GPS technologies. VHF systems can even follow an automobile that is buried deep below or hidden inside a storage container. The most significant disadvantage of car monitoring is that it is costly, generally needing a monthly subscription in addition to the original fees.

Secure parking

Keeping your car in the garage is one of the most effective techniques to avoid car theft. It’s a lot safer than being out in the open. Even leaving your car in the driveway, though, reduces the likelihood of a break-in. When you’re away from home, choose a secure parking lot with a ticket barrier or an attendant. If you have to park your car on the street, do it in a well-lit place with plenty of people and, ideally, a CCTV camera.

Hide the valuables

Keeping nothing valuable in your automobile is one way to keep it safe. The majority of persons who break into cars do it for the valuables inside, rather than to take the vehicle itself. Keeping your automobile clear of anything with a price tag simply removes any motivation for potential thieves to mark it. You don’t even have to take anything out of your car; simply placing anything in the glove box or trunk compartment can dissuade burglars from trying to break into your vehicle.

Steering and handbrake locks

Car thieves are deterred by steering and hand brake locks. While the keys are not in the ignition, they prevent the steering wheel or handbrake from moving. While it may not be able to stop every car thief, it will stop the majority of them. Even the more experienced will have second thoughts after seeing the brilliant, strong metal locks that stand in their way. Unless your car is parked in a fully secluded location, the thief will most likely avoid it as a target.

If you follow these suggestions, your vehicle will be considerably more protected. Also, don’t forget to lock your car! If you still somehow manage to lock yourself out of your car, Suntrust locksmiths is there for your rescue. We provide all kinds of locksmith services including automotive locksmith services like car lockout services, car key replacement in Sarasota Florida. Call us at 941-229-2510 today!

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