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Know when its time to change your house locks

by | Oct 23, 2021 | Locksmith Services

Our front door locks are the first line of defence in our home, and knowing that they’re in good working order provides us peace of mind. They need to be serviced and maintained on a regular basis due to daily wear and tear, but how can you know when they need to be replaced? We, as expert Locksmiths, strongly advise that you change your locks in a few situations.

Moved to a new home

It’s easy to forget about security when moving into a new home with all of the boxes and chaos, but you should change all of your door locks as soon as possible, ideally on the day you move in, to ensure that your new home is secure. Unfortunately, you’ll never know whether someone has an unusual key to your house, if someone has manufactured a copy, or how many keys have gone missing. The possibility of someone having a key to your house is eliminated by changing the locks.

Lock is malfunctioning

Wear and tear is inevitable with many daily uses, and it can cause your locks to lose their security effectiveness. It’s easy to overlook little difficulties, but they can quickly escalate into major concerns, increasing the likelihood of your lock entirely malfunctioning and leaving you unable to use your door.

If you’re having problems with your door or locks, we recommend hiring a professional locksmith. Calling a Locksmith early will help you save money since you can schedule an appointment within working hours, which will lower the Locksmith’s labour charge, and they may be able to uncover larger underlying issues that might have caused havoc in the future if left unnoticed.

You lost your keys

If you’ve misplaced your keys, whether they’ve been lost or stolen, you should always change your locks. If someone picks up your keys, they have access to your home, especially if they know who you are and where you reside.

Just ended a lease

Changing the locks is always a good idea, whether you’re a landlord who has just had a tenant depart or you’ve moved roommates, because you never know if any extra keys have been manufactured and how someone might be able to allow themselves in.

You have been robbed

It might be difficult to identify all of the objects that have gone stolen from your home after a burglary, even if you have a set of spare keys. Whatever method a burglar used to obtain unauthorised access to your home, you should change all of your locks as soon as possible. However, you must wait until the police arrive and give you permission to begin changing your locks. This is because they may want to take evidence, and changing anything could interfere with that. If you need to replace the locks before the police come for some reason, inform the Locksmith so that they can put on required PPE.

Lock is cheap and easy to break

Not all locks are created equal, and many of them offer unique security features to keep your property secure. You may prevent yourself from popular forced entry techniques like Cylinder Snapping by investing in higher-quality security locks.

Locks are outdated

We do advocate updating your locks every few years, as new security updates and technology can soon render the security of older locks obsolete. Locks that have seen a lot of use are also easier to break into, therefore locks that have seen a lot of use may be more vulnerable to intrusion.

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