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Types of lock replacements available for your business

by | Sep 30, 2021 | Locksmith Services

Commercial locks today are a mix of tried-and-true methods that are frequently combined with electronic entry and security technology.

Many firms now utilise keycard access control systems as a result of modern security concerns. In a sense, the doors to these establishments are constantly locked because anyone who opens them at any moment must have an entrance code or a keycard/fob that they swipe to unlock the door.

There are numerous advantages to using a keycard for access control systems. Of course, they keep the premises safe from intruders 24 hours a day, seven days a week.They can also be used to keep track of employee access. It’s a tiny security breach if someone loses their card, but it’s nothing compared to losing a real key. Keycard systems may be quickly updated to deny a lost card without requiring any physical alterations to the lock, as would be the case with a lost key.

Other types of commercial locks to be cautious of for commercial businesses are listed below.

Cylinderical lever locks

Cylindrical lever locks are commonly used in commercial settings because they are more durable than similar household lock designs. A key or a combination push button can be used to operate them.

Mortise Locks

Mortise locks are one of the most durable and heavy-duty types of locks available, and they’re commonly found in commercial settings with a lot of traffic. These locks have a deadbolt that is placed within the lock body, making it less accessible and more resistant to forced entry.

Panic bars

Although this may seem like an unusual name for a lock, panic bars (also known as crash bars) are fairly frequent on commercial properties.

When evacuating a building, the panic bar is the bar you push to open the door. Pushing the bar unlocks the door automatically, although this only works from the inside. The door remains locked when it closes on the outside.

Panic bars are utilised in situations where there may be a significant number of people within the structure, such as supermarkets, restaurants, or theatres. People can evacuate the building without needing to use a rotary door handle in an emergency.

Electric strike locks

The actual physical mechanism utilised with keycard and keypad systems is called an electric strike lock. When the circuit is disrupted, which occurs when you swipe your keycard or enter the right keycode, an electric strike plate is activated.

Electric striking locks are more technologically advanced, but they also add a layer of complication to the process. You should avoid tampering with this type of lock if you aren’t educated to do so.

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