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What Causes Car Trunk Lock Damage and How You Can Fix It

by | Jan 1, 2022 | Automotive Locksmith

The trunk of your automobile is normally a section of your vehicle that goes largely unseen until you need to obtain access to it. This apathy extends to the automobile trunk locks, which are a significant element of your vehicle’s trunk and general design. When you go to open your trunk and discover that you are locked out or that your automobile trunk lock is not working properly, it puts a few things into perspective.

Causes of trunk lock damage

  • Environmental factors

Your automobile trunk lock, like your car door lock cylinder, is continuously exposed to the harsh elements of nature. Nature can be warm and inviting, but it can also be harsh and merciless. Natural external forces can sometimes work against your trunk locks, causing dust and dirt to accumulate. These may appear insignificant, but they have a negative impact on your automobile trunk locks.

  • Excessive force

Using too much force to open and close your automobile trunk locks is a common cause of damage. This can happen not only when you engage with the locks directly, but it can also happen if you repeatedly close your trunk with extreme force.

Both of these operations can have a negative impact on the trunk lock cylinder’s functionality. There are also situations when using excessive force results in a key breaking in your car trunk lock, which necessitates a broken car key extraction.

  • Lack of maintenance

This argument links in nicely with the other two parts of damage in that appropriate car trunk lock maintenance can mitigate the negative consequences of using excessive force and exposing yourself to environmental threats. It makes little impact, though, if it is not done on a regular and habitual basis.

Taking the time to clean and repair your car trunk lock on a regular basis will help it last longer. This also applies to the trunk and the overall vehicle’s maintenance.

  • Wiring issue

The door lock actuator can be controlled by internal mechanics within the automobile, or it can be engaged via a car key fob or car key remote, as previously indicated. It’s possible that the automobile trunk lock mechanism isn’t broken, and that the issue is caused by the internal wiring protocols that relay activities to the car trunk lock actuator.

How to fix the issue

  • Clean the car trunk lock on a regular basis

Examining and cleaning your automobile trunk lock is one of the simplest ways to get it back in functioning shape. Some automobile trunk lock repair choices are simple to manage and may not necessitate additional service unless the situation is dire. There are times when your automobile trunk lock appears to be damaged merely because the cylinder is blocked and impeded by foreign items that have accumulated due to dust and debris collection.

  • Repair or replace the lock

The trunk lock mechanism will need to be fixed or replaced if it is broken. This normally entails removing the lock from the trunk so that it may be thoroughly examined, and then applying the appropriate solution.

When it comes to the trunk lock, it’s possible that either the lock cylinder or an auxiliary item like the trunk lock holding clip is broken. This is why it is critical to inspect the lock before beginning any work.

  • Repair or replace the actuator

Verifying that your automobile trunk lock actuator is the source of the problem is the first step in repairing or replacing it. As you may know, a faulty car trunk lock can be caused by a variety of factors, so before you choose a car trunk lock actuator, make sure it is the appropriate fit.

Testing how the car trunk locks function with your car key versus how they work when the operators controlling the actuator are engaged is an easy technique to ascertain this.

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