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Why a transponder key would be the right choice for your car

by | Nov 11, 2021 | Locksmith Services

For you car owners, transponder keys may be the next best thing. Many new car owners receive one from the dealership when they buy a new car, but they may not be convinced of the value of having one. We’ve compiled a list of five reasons why you should be enthusiastic about owning a transponder key.


The built-in security feature of transponder keys is one of the main reasons why car owners prefer them to traditional keys. As part of the anti-theft technology, most cars made in the previous 20 years have a transponder key.

These keys, in essence, contain a microchip with a unique serial number that belongs to their individual car programmed into it. The receiver must detect the right serial number in the microchip using radio frequency identification in order to unlock or open the transponder. When the key is inserted or placed near the ignition, the signal is connected. When the driver instructs the vehicle to do s, the vehicle will unlock or start the engine if the numbers match.

This implies that a car thief will have a considerably harder time unlocking the doors and starting the engine to drive away unless they have your key with its unique serial number. While a determined burglar will almost certainly find a way, transponder keys are a useful deterrent to auto theft and break-ins.

Can be easily replaced

Any reputable auto locksmith service will be able to replace lost car keys or make a duplicate transponder key for your vehicle with the requisite skills and equipment. Because most automobiles only come with one from the dealership, it’s a smart idea to purchase a duplicate in case yours is lost.

When the necessity arises, any car locksmith will be able to assist you in replacing a dead battery. Simply locate the nearest Key Service location and explain the situation.


Transponder keys are highly strong and long-lasting. This is why they are more expensive to replace or obtain a replica of, but it is well worth it. Consider how many times you’ve dropped your keys on the ground, tossed them on the counter, or stuffed them inside your purse or pocket. Transponder keys can withstand the daily wear and tear that any pair of keys is subjected to.

Long lasting

While nothing compares to the durability of a plain metal key, transponder keys are a close second. The battery inside is designed to last a long time, and if it does die, a good locksmith can easily replace it. Furthermore, the internal microchip is constructed of high-quality materials and is intended to survive the life of the car. While it will ultimately wear out with use, unless you obtain a bad one, it won’t be for a long time.


The ease of usage is maybe the most significant advantage of having a transponder key. It’s simple enough for your grandmother to do! Gone are the days when you had to fumble with your keys every time you exited a store and looked for your car. Simply make sure the key is in your pocket or purse before heading out to run errands. The transponder key operates by merely placing it near the door locks and ignition, with no need to insert it or press any buttons. If you leave the key inside the vehicle, you will be unable to lock it from the outside, and you will never be able to lock your keys inside your vehicle again. Suntrust Locksmiths are trusted locksmith service providers in Florida. We provide all kinds of locksmith services including Automotive locksmith services in Sarasota, FL. Call us today to speak with an expert.

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