Car Key Replacement

We can cut keys and program new fobs and remotes for most makes and models

Don’t Go To the Dealership for Key Replacements. Call Us and We’ll Come to You!

At Suntrust Locksmith, we make car key replacements simple in Sarasota, FL, and the surrounding area with mobile locksmith service. Whether you have an old Chevy or a new Lexus, we can do the professional key cutting, including car key programming and remotes, to get you moving again. Lost car key replacement costs can be high, but at Suntrust Locksmith our experienced, professional locksmith has years of experience providing car key replacements at affordable costs. We use quality hardware and parts that we guarantee and warranty. With mobile service that comes to you in the Sarasota, FL area when you need car key replacement, we’re the locally owned and operated residential, commercial, automotive, and emergency locksmith you can count on, the one locksmith number you need.

Car Key Replacement Without the Hassles

Two new Toyota fobs

This client damaged their original fob for their Toyota, so we came out to their house and programmed two new ones for them right in their driveway.

When you’ve lost the key to your vehicle and you’re looking at a trip, possibly a tow, to the dealer with expensive services and possibly a new computer, having our mobile locksmith come to you and provide lost key replacement is a dream come true. We make professionally cut and programmed smart car keys, intelligent keys, prox keys, remote head keys, and other keys and programmed devices such as key fobs so you can conveniently get on your way at an affordable cost. We handle car keys from Honda, Toyota, Nissan, and Mazda, also Hyundai and Kia. If you need high-end keys for Lexus or Infiniti, give us a call, and for domestic brands like Chevrolet, GM, and Cadillac car keys, we have the technologies you need for a set that’s convenient and reliable. Don’t forget glove box and trunk keys, valet keys, and other specialized keys including ones for your roof racks and rooftop cargo containers, even your trailer hitch padlock. Lost key replacement from your spares is a quick way to recover, so make sure you have a full set!

What Is Car Key Programming?

Car key replacement these days involves both a physical component, the key, which may be cut on the edge the traditional way or laser cut on the side. Associated with the key is a chip or other electronic component that interacts with your car’s computer system, providing another method of confirming that the key is valid for unlocking and starting the vehicle. Some keys transmit when they are in the ignition, others communicate any time they are within the right distance, called proximity keys. There are intelligent keys and smart keys with similar technologies as well. You may have noticed that sometimes the communication doesn’t happen correctly, perhaps because some damage occurred to the key’s electronic components, and you’ll see “key not found” or a similar message, even though the key is in your hand. That can be frustrating, but it’s a perfect time to have a key copy or to call us or lost key replacement, to get a better functioning key to your car.

Your Expert Car Key Replacement Locksmith

At Suntrust Locksmith, we provide the Sarasota, FL area with mobile locksmith service that’s experienced and professional, including car key programming for modern electronic locking systems. Call us today and we’ll come to you to replace your lost or damaged automotive keys, fobs, remotes, and more.


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