Key Duplication

We can cut and program keys for your car, home, office, safes, filing cabinets, and more.

Having Extra Keys On Hand = Peace of Mind

What’s the value of a spare key? At Suntrust Locksmith, your locally owned and operated mobile locksmith service serving the Sarasota, FL area, we know the right key can be priceless when it’s needed. Our key duplication service is versatile, so when you’re looking for keys made locally, you can call us for mobile service or you can stop by our storefront. as your single source for a wide variety, from antique keys and skeleton keys to tubular keys and house keys. Our key duplication service is provided by our experienced, professional locksmith with years of experience who makes them fit well and last a long time. We can duplicate existing keys as well as make new ones from scratch, program key fobs, remotes, and even antique keys.

We Make Keys for Your Household

creating a duplicate car key on a laser key cutter (top), and copies we cut for a residential front door lock (bottom)

We have all the professional equipment necessary to make copies of high-security transponder head keys (top), standard one-sided house keys for your front door (bottom), and more.

If you have antique chests, door locks, or cabinets, turn to us for skeleton keys and other antique keys, and for modern house keys and locks, give us a call to get keys made that you can trust when you most need to get in your home. Don’t forget to get copies of your garage door, shed, bicycle lock, window locks, deadbolts, our key duplication service can get you a full set of key copies made fast and precisely for security.

Grab Spare Keys for Your Cars

Our key duplication service handles a wide variety of automotive keys to fit modern car security including transponder keys, chip keys, and high-security keys. We program auto remotes and key fobs, and duplicate car keys from decades past to the present. In many cases, we can make keys by code, without even having the original key present, and our key duplication service also makes laser-cut keys for more advanced ignition keys and other high-security keys. If you need a spare key in case you lose your set or lock it in the car, we can help, and if you have a new driver or another reason to add a driver to your car, we can provide a professionally made car key copy and remote for them as well.

We Even Make Do Not Duplicate Keys for Your Business

Make sure you go through your spare key cabinet from time to time and make sure you have the key copies that you need to avoid disruption of your business flow. Your front door key, loading dock key, and other essential spare keys should be professionally cut so you can count on them in times of urgency, and rely on them for a long time to come. If you have a lock replaced or rekeyed, make sure to update your spare key sets. Our key duplication service comes to you to provide office keys, desk keys, even car key duplication for your fleet vehicles. Great locks keep your premises secure, and great keys ensure your convenient access.

Your Expert Professional Locksmith Providing Key Duplication Service and Much More in Sarasota

Suntrust Locksmith is your locally owned and operate mobile locksmith serving the Sarasota, FL area. Don’t put off getting backup copies of your important keys, even if you think they aren’t common types and might be hard to duplicate. Trust our locksmith for all your lock and key needs, call us today!


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