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If you find yourself in need of an automotive locksmith in Longboat Key, FL, Suntrust Locksmith is here to help. Our expert technicians can help if you have locked your keys in your car, have a damaged trunk lock or ignition switch, or simply need a duplicate key made or a new key fob programmed.

The majority of our services are available on a call-out basis, and our techs are licensed and insured to help provide you with peace of mind. There is no need to have your vehicle towed to a dealership and pay their exorbitant pricing. Call Suntrust Locksmith in Longboat Key, FL today.

Modern Automotive Locksmith Longboat Key, FL

high-security car key blade

Our locksmiths can generate new keys or duplicate new high-security car keys in Longboat Key, FL

Over the years, we have seen the field of car locksmithing change very quickly. Gone are the days of popping car doors with a slim-jim or pulling a broken trunk latch and dropping in a replacement. Today the locking systems of vehicles are highly technical, and many are integrated into the electronic packages that control the ignition of the car.

By the same token, car ignitions are no longer just keyed cylinders that control the motion of an electrical switch. Modern vehicles have sophisticated ignition and security systems designed to make your life more convenient and theft more difficult. Unfortunately, it has also made our work as locksmiths more challenging.

Being dedicated professional locksmiths, we have invested in the resources that are needed to work with these high-tech systems without running the risk of causing damage. Our certified and licensed locksmiths are up to date on almost all modern vehicles, including both those produced domestically and abroad.

Services Suntrust Locksmith Offers

A partial listing of the automotive locksmith services we offer in Longboat Key, FL, includes:

  • Key fob programming
  • Car key programming
  • Locked keys in car call-out services
  • Transponder key cutting
  • Key Fob replacement
  • Car key replacement
  • Car key copies
  • Keys cut and programmed by code
  • Key cloning
  • Laser cut keys

In addition to the above services, Suntrust Locksmith offers a full range of commercial and residential services, including door repairs, lock replacement and rekeying, master key systems, and Exit device installation.

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